Friday, April 16, 2010

Hollywood Studios ...

Yesterday (Thursday) we went to Hollywood Studios. We decided to take it easy in the morning, so we didn't get there until noonish. It was a really nice day, although at Hollywood Studios, most of the attractions are not out of the sun, so I didn't get to work on my tan (or lack there of)

Arriving at Hollywood Studios

The first attraction we went to was Indiana Jones. This is the one show I remember seeing when I was last at Hollywood Studios (formerly known as MGM) when I was 11. People in the audience were asked to volunteer as extras. Of course I jumped up right away. Who doesn't want to meet the hunky man playing Indiana Jones? lol. Luckily I was picked - along with 8 others - to go on stage, dressed in a very unflattering costume :).

In Costume at Indiana Jones

The entire FLA4 loved the American Idol experience. We went at 2 to see the show and then again at 7 to see the Finale. It was a lot of fun with cheering, booing and some excited singers.

Near the end of the day (8:10) we got in line for the Toy Story ride. As there aren't a lot of rides at Hollywood studios, we were very excited! The estimated wait time was 70 minutes, but we all agreed it would be worth it. (Note: Prior to this, the longest we had to stand in line for at any of the parks was 35 minutes and this too was rare.) The actual wait time was 55 minutes and we all quickly boarded the cars for a 4-D laser challenge. As we rounded the first bend, the carts stopped. Over the loud speaker we heard an announcement indicating that the ride had experienced technical difficulties and that it would be up and running soon. After 10 minutes of waiting we learned that it had broken down and we would all have to get off. Sadness came over the FLA4. We decided to get a few photos taken and then headed back to the hotel.

Waiting in line at the Toy Story Ride

Fraser with giant crayons

Dianne on the Toy Story ride - just as it broke down
On the Toy Story ride ... ready to go ... OH NO!

Here are some other photo highlights from our day.

Jocelyn receiving her Oscar for World's Greatest Sister

Fraser receiving his Oscar - I'm not sure about this award! LOL
Jocelyn jumping in "New York"

I had a barrel of fun!

This describes our trip! 2 FUN!

Keep Smiling! Thing 1, Thing 3 and Thing 4 are off to the Aquatica water park at Sea World today. I am off to do some shopping!

Keep Smiling!!!
Thing 2

We promised you a surprise ... so here you go ...

Before we arrived in Florida, I started calling the four of us the FLA4 - because... well ... there are four of us and we are in Florida.

On our trip to the Magic Kingdom we saw a bunch of people wearing Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts. Dianne said, "Imagine if there were Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3 and Thing 4 shirts?! We would have to get them." We all laughed.

As we walked into Universal Studios the next day, what do we see? Thing tshirts for the entire FLA4. Although Dianne was hesitant to buy them, the rest of us were game. As you know, the majority rules!!!

So we donned the tshirts at Hollywood studios last night for a photo opportunity.

Scroll down to see the FLA4 starring as "The Things" .....

Yes- these shirts will be donned on every family holiday. Dianne is already counting down the days until Thanksgiving :) with excitement!

Having a great time in FLA!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We swam, we kissed, we took a ride ... with Diego the dolphin

YES! We did it. We spent the day at Discovery Cove swimming with the dolphins and getting some colour. I will let Jocelyn and Fraser fill you all in on the details in their blog entry, but I thought you might like to see some photos.

Dianne with Catalina

Jocelyn kissing Catalina

Yes- I stole a kiss too!

Fraser & Catalina

The FLA4 with Diego (his mom's name was Sandy - get it?)

The FLA4 - Dianne, Erin, Fraser & Jocelyn

I think I finally got some colour today - or at least it is colour for me ...

Keep Smiling - we are!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 4:big surprise

Today, we went to the two universal parks. My favorite rides were disaster, men in black, the simpsons and spider-man. Tomorrow we are going to swim with the dolphins. keep looking for more photos and we have a big surprise



Today we went to Universal Studios! Did you know there are two theme parks there? The first one we went to is Universal Studios Florida. The second one is Universal's Islands Of Adventure. Personally, I liked Universal Studios Florida better. In Universal's Islands Of Adventure, it was more shops and shows than rides. There were really good rides when there were some, but there weren't a lot.

Tomorrow we got to swim with the dolphins! It is first come first serve, and you can only book times for that day on the day, so we are going to try to get there as early as possible. It's going to be so much fun!!

Jocelyn :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 3: Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

The weather channel was calling for rain today (Monday) so we decided to shop. We each bought so many pairs of shoes - Dianne (2), Erin (3), Fraser (4) and Jocelyn (2). We got some really, really good deals.

We also bought tshirts, dresses and I even picked up a new purse and a birthday gift for Emma. (Now she has to come home for a visit this summer)

We are off to Universal in the morning. Can't wait! I've never been. Wednesday we are swimming with the Dolphins at Discovery Cove.

Keep smiling -

Dianne, Erin, Fraser & Jocelyn
Together we are the FLA4

Day 2: Our feet hurt, But we're fine!

Yesterday (Sunday) we spent the day at the Magic Kingdom. We had a blast, getting there at 10:30 and leaving at 9:45. Our feet were sore, but it was an awesome day. Highlights include the Street Party, the Buzz Light Year Ride and the Peter Pan adventure was also very cool.

I think the photos will tell you how much fun we had.

The weather is great and our hotel turned out to be really nice in the end - not that we spend much time there.

We just arrived

Jocelyn & Minnie at the Street Party

Visiting with Lilo and Stitch

Riding the horses

Ridiculous, right?

Mid-day ... Still smiling ... the photographer told Jocelyn to pose like this. I think it is cute.

So tired! Time to go home ... but still smiling!

Keep on smiling ...

Dianne, Erin, Fraser & Jocelyn -
Together we are the FLA4!